Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Christmas Tree 2010

Our Christmas tree never drank. We filled the stand when we put it in and that was it. Within a week it was brown and UGLY. So last Sunday we decided to cut the bottom off and try again. When we took it out of the stand we realized, it was never fully sitting in the water. We tried recutting everything, but it was too far gone. 

Friday, after work, Josh picked me up and we went to get another tree. They had 6 left. In frustration I pointed to one and said it would do. (I like FLUFFY trees). We put it in the water on Friday night and boy did it DRINK. Then on Saturday I took a break from crafting and decorated it. Now that its decorated I like it more.


Lechelle said...

Very nice Savannah!!

Jessica said...

This tree is a different shape, but still very nice. In fact, I think I like the decorations on this tree better!