Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christensen Christmas Party 2010

Tonight was the Christensen Family Christmas Party. It was also Josh's first Santa appearance this year. Now that the boys are getting big, we have to watch what we say around them. I almost slipped once with Preston in the same room. Barb asked us if we wanted to go with them next week and I said, "No, Josh has to play Santa...... Josh has an appointment." Then later that night when he was Santa, I went and sat by him and gave him my LONG list of things I want. When I was finished he said, "I love you." I would have said it back, but I was too busy laughing. I do love that after 10 years of marriage we still say that all the time to each other. 

Here's a few pictures from tonight. It is so neat that Preston isn't scared of Santa anymore. He told Santa (and every one else) that he wants Donkey Kong DS for Christmas.

 Tyler did not like Santa. 

Tyler did not like Santa AT ALL. 

So we switched around so Melanie could get a family picture with no tears. 

 Tyler loves Josh when he isn't dressed up funny. 
It was a fun night. I got my picture with Santa, but I don't like it. Hopefully I can get a better one later this month. 

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