Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning started with Josh cooking up crepes for breakfast. First thing in the morning I was NOT allowed in the kitchen. It was because he was making hot chocolate with my new hot cocoa machine. I have pretty much begged for this machine and he made me think he wasn't going to get it until my birthday.

 While we were opening presents, I thought I saw the paper on the floor move. So I stuck my camera on the floor and took a picture, this is what it took. 

Josh opening his presents. 
 His hat doesn't fit. :( Since shaving his head his hat size has changed. 
 My big gift to him this year was going to be a horse trailer. I started looking in October. I talked to Dallon and he helped me. Unfortunately, the few we looked out weren't as good as they looked online. So I just gave Josh and IOU and told him to find his own horse trailer. He was so EXCITED!
 Josh's gifts from me:
Wildlife calendar
Goose Hunter
Duck Hunter
Cowboy hat
Reloading book
Horse trailer

My hot cocoa machine!!!!!
 Opening my first present. 
 My new bathroom stuff!
 I have been looking for new bathroom decor since redoing our bedroom this summer. It is all so pretty!
 Josh got me:
Hot cocoa machine
Shower curtain
Shower hooks
4 bathroom towels
2 bathroom rugs
Waste basket
Toothbrush holder

And I bought the Mario game for myself. 

This was one of the best Christmas's ever. A lot of years we have been broke and haven't been able to spend a lot. But with Josh's new job and by doing our shopping so much earlier this year, we were able to go all out for each other. 

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Jessica said...

When I saw your hot cocoa machine I thought to myself "Josh tricked her!". I'm glad you got it. :) I love that you bought a small truck and horse trailer to go with your coupon for a horse trailer for Josh. What a cute idea! I am also really loving your bathroom stuff.