Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book Club - "The Christmas List" by Richard Paul Evans

Earlier this month we had our book club. This month was Jessica's month to host. Her favorite author is Richard Paul Evans so she choose "The Christmas List". I LOVED it. Jessica has gotten me hooked on books by Richard Paul Evans. I think in about 6 weeks I have read over half of his books. Jessica and my mother in-law have been kind to lend them all to me and I seem to read them as fast as I can. I have loved finding new authors because of book club. 

Jessica had us all over for dinner. We had sloppy joe's that were DELISH. I felt weird when I asked if she had pickles I could put on my sloppy joe, but then another gal asked for pickles too, so then I didn't feel so weird. 

Next month is my turn to host book club. I have stressed over it since we started, but I finally decided to just choose my favorite book and hope that everyone else enjoys it. I choose "The Highwayman of Tanglewood" by Marcia Lynn McClure. I can't wait to get together and discuss it. 

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Jessica said...

His books are addicting that way. As soon as I get my hands on his new book, I'm done reading it that same day. I want to drag it out, but they're just too good to put down! I'm glad you enjoyed dinner because I couldn't have made it without you and I'm glad I had pickles for you! I'm excited to read your pick. I haven't gotten to it yet with all the holiday stress! Soon though. :)