Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gifts from coworkers and neighbors

This year I thought it would be fun to take a picture of all the gifts I got from coworkers so in years to come I can refer back to them for ideas. I wanted to put them all in one big pile and do one picture, but then I got a plate of brownies and realized that wouldn't work with the more perishable items. I thought everyone came up with such cute (and yummy) ideas. 

The first group of gifts included:
Christmas themed tissue box
A king sized chocolate bar disguised as a snowman 
(seriously, he is so cute, I can't bring myself to eat him)
A toilet paper roll filled with candy, then wrapped with pretty fabric and the Christmas story
(another idea I can't wait to try one of these years)
A plate of brownies
A bag of candy
A cute cheese shredder filled with Hershey kisses

Jessica gave us a plate of goodies along with her gift (which will be on another post).
The caramels were so good and the divinity was DIVINE! And the cheese ball was one that we both enjoyed, which is odd for me since I'm such a picky eater. 

 Shallan gave us a plate of mixed up goodies.
 From my visiting teachers. The bag is full of peanuts and the jar has a muffin mix in it. 
 The jam and the mints were out of this world good!
 Lotion and more chocolate. 
(Because chocolate is another BIG part of Christmas I've decided.)
 Assorted nuts and sparkling grape juice. I'm not a big fan of Santa stuff, but that bag is so adorable!

This year I made NOTEBOOKS for everyone. It was so much fun. A few days later I had to take my Cinch machine to work because someone is thinking of doing something like that for Christmas next year.

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