Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Josh's 29th Birthday

Josh turned 29 yesterday. I wasn't able to get the day off, but I still tried to make it a fun day for him. Before I left for work I let him open one of his presents, the newest Cabela's hunting game for Wii. He has tried to buy it several times now and I had to keep stopping him because it was hiding under his brother's bed. So he was able to play his game yesterday and just relax.

Then last night we went to his parents for dinner. His mom is such a great cook so we talked her into dinner so I wouldn't have to cook after working all day. I was a little bit late getting home, so as soon as I got home we went to his parents for dinner. His mom made a chuck roast that was wrapped in bacon. It was so YUMMY! I have learned that our dinners at home are quite boring. Dinner with his family is always full of laughter, usually over funny stories of stupid things we've all done in years past. Preston cracked me up. He didn't want any meat so he took it all off of his plate. Then there was a battle over a butter knife. When he found another one, his attitude just cracked me up! The towards the end of dinner he suddenly wanted meat on his plate. I just love those little guys. 

After dinner we took the cake and ice cream and cherry chocolate cake down to Josh's grandpa's. It takes a while to light a cake with 29 candles, especially if they get blown out a few times before you are ready.

After eating cake we went back to the house so Josh could open the rest of his presents from me.

He received:
The 2011 Wii Cabela's hunting game with a gun that has a scope
A new CD case for his truck
2 Call of Duty games for the Wii
A subscription to Bugle Magazine
A new vest and a hat to keep his bald head warm.

It was a wonderful day. Now in two weeks we get to do it again for my birthday. :)

Blogger is being difficult and I can't get my pictures in the order I want so they are just kind of jumbled together.

I think that look is him telling me "Why didn't I get this for Christmas? You know how much I wanted it."


Your cake is on FIRE!

Tyler gives the chocolate cake 2 fingers up. And a fork. And a spoon. And an ice cream cone. He'll eat it anyway he can.

I love all I'm starting to get similar pictures of Ally and Buddy. I have pictures of each of them climbing the screen door. The below picture reminds me of him hiding under the recliner when he was little.

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From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

happy birthday Josh it looks like it was a good birthday.