Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with Josh's family

I love Christmas with Josh's family. We eat lunch first and then after cleaning up we open gifts. It seems to make the fun last longer. 

 For Dallon and Colter we got them wildlife calendars and pillow ties. The tie has a small air bladder in it that you can blow up and use as a pillow. 
 I always have so much fun shopping for my nephews. I got their presents in October and I had such a hard time not giving the shirts to them earlier. I had to remind myself the point of buying stuff in October was so I wouldn't have to stress in December. 

For Preston:
 For Tyler:

We had a hard time coming up with an idea for Matt. A week before Christmas I mentioned a friend got her parents a customized calendar and how cute I thought it would be. So we decided to get one for Matt (he LOVES puzzles). I didn't think it would be here in time, but it came in the mail 2 days before Christmas!
 This year my big craft was perpetual calendars for both our moms and sisters. They turned out so cute. I made one for myself also so I'll post more pictures of it later. I topped my homemade calendar off with some more notebooks. 

Josh's family gave us AWESOME presents this year. 
Dallon gave Josh floor mats for his truck and he gave me moose hot chocolate cups and hot chocolate mix. 
Melanie and her family gave Josh a gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse and me a gift card to Inspirations. 
Josh got a new Leatherman from his parents and they gave me Ninja machine so I can start making smoothies with my Bountiful Basket stuff. His parents also gave us new socks and some money so we can have a nice night out. 

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