Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Kits

Last year I made more then enough kits to decorate for July 4th, but Tracy at the Idea Closet keeps coming out with cute things, so I keep getting them. I really am out of room, so I took some of last years kits to work so I can enjoy them there too. 

Here are the kits I got this year. 

Jessica ended up putting this one together for me. Its my first subway art. I love it so much I might have to go back and order the other ones she did for spring and Easter. 

Hats off for my Uncle Sam. 

I loved all of the extras on this Freedom Kit. 

Thanks again Tracy for some fun kits. I just ordered my summer ones and I can't wait to get them!


Jessica said...

Your Uncle Sam turned out very cute!

Carol said...

Hi I'm searching for more of Dorothy Keddington's books. I saw your photo of you and her on your blog. I just love her books, and I'd like to know more about her, or thank her for her amazing stories. Can you help me?