Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preston's last T-ball game

Last night was Preston's last T-ball game of the season. I was so sad to see it end. The weather was beautiful this time, unlike the other game I went to where the wind was horrid.

Once again, each kid got three pitches thrown to them. If they didn't hit it, they set up the stand. Preston hit a pitch both times!!!!!!
His first hit! I think his eyes are closed in the picture, which makes that more amazing of a hit.

Because it was such a great hit, it was considered a home run. Its fun to watch those little legs run to all of the bases.

I love how each time he got on base, he would stand with his hands tucked behind his back.

Picking rocks during a boring moment of the game.

Getting ready to throw the ball.

What a great throw. This is one of my favorite pictures.

The 2nd time he hit the ball, I wasn't quick enough to get a picture. Here he is running to 1st base.

Safe on 2nd.

Waiting patiently on 2nd base.

And then not so patiently on 2nd.

Trying to skip 3rd base and run for home.

Safe on 3rd base.

Running for home.
And he's SAFE!!!

Guarding 1st base. I even got him to grin and wave.

The look of a little boy who really enjoyed T-ball.

Each team got a trophy to end the year. Preston was so cute. They each started to hold up their trophies and he noticed his wasn't the tallest. So he stretched his arm higher. It still wasn't enough, so he stepped up on the cement. I am such a proud aunt.

I love his face in this picture. I wish I had zoomed in on just him.

After the game, I pushed Tyler in the swings. He loved it. He was pretty busy watching everyone around him in the other swings, so it was hard to get him to look at me for a picture. And I loved his outfit; those irrigation boots really make it cute. But they also made it hard to get him out of the swing later. I had to cheat and take the boots off to get him out.

I love days like these when I get to spend so much time with the boys. I also learned that I take way too many pictures, but I don't care. Its easy to do when they are so cute.

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