Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

The weekend started out a little rough (with a tick, but that's all I'm going to say), but luckily, after that, it went better. (Feather!)

Friday night we went to Jessica's for a Wii party night. We didn't stay as late this time, because Saturday morning, Jessica and I went to the city for some quick shopping. Normally when we go to the city, we get home around midnight, but this time we were home by 7:00. We stuck with only the stops we needed to make. It was nice to be home at an earlier time, and it seemed to help me not spend as much money. The highlight of the day was trying on clothes in the dressing room. I actually clapped I was so excited to see how many sizes I have gone down. I have never bought a size down before. :)

Sunday was another busy day. First we went to Roosevelt to my cousin's farewell. She will be leaving for the MTC on Friday to report to her mission in Chile. There was also a homecoming for a different missionary, so it was a packed church house. My super wonderful cousin Heather, let me hold her current foster care baby. What a doll! Both Heather and the baby. ;)

Then after that we rushed home so we could celebrate Matt's birthday. (Here's where I finally remembered my camera in all of the fun.) We headed up Rock Creek and found a nice spot and had a picnic. On the way up, we passed Josh's grandparents and uncle Steve. They recognized us and turned around and followed us.

The first pictures are of the rushing, gushing, raging water. I am just fascinated with all the runoff this year. I've never seen rivers this full and overflowing and I could just watch them forever. We kept the kids well away from the water, but I still had to get close to take some pictures.

We took Sage with us. She LOVED it! Last year she jumped out of the truck bed once, so since then, Josh has let her ride in the back seat. She spends most of her time inching forward trying to get in the front seat. I'm not sure who loves the trips more, her or Josh.

I think Tyler was able to do just about all of his favorite things up there. There was playing with water.


Preston was too busy eating to smile.

Back to Tyler's favorite things. Playing in the dirt.

He liked to jump and watch the dirt shake out of his hands.

Copying his older brother is another favorite thing.

I'm not sure why he was pulling this face...

He was one dirty little boy. If you look close you can see Doritos dust under the dirt.

Dirt = Happiness. :)

One last favorite, sharing. :)

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