Sunday, June 19, 2011

Josh's Day (and some other pictures)

We had a fun filled weekend.  So much fun, that I didn't take time to stop and take many pictures. 
Here's a few from Josh's family picnic on Saturday. 

After the picnic, we went to a wedding reception for someone I used to babysit. When I got her announcement in the mail, I felt so old! I haven't seen her family in quite awhile and I had forgotten how much I miss them. I wanted to get a picture with the bride, but I had left my camera at grandma's. I was so mad at myself! It was so wonderful to see her and her family. She was just glowing. 

Today we celebrated Josh's Day. We woke up extra early to go fishing. We did a little bit better this time, but the wind was blowing hard and cold. For once, Josh outfished me. I told him I took it easy on him since it was HIS day after all. I caught a few fish, but none of them were over 3 inches long. Josh caught a few small fish, but he also caught 3 bigger fish and one crabbit (or as other people call them, crawdad's). I took a few pictures, but they were really blurry. 

We ended the day by celebrating Dallon's birthday. (Sorry, just more blurry pictures there. I was trying to run 2 cameras at once.)

For Josh's Day I gave him some gummy worms, gummy bears and some bird books. He's pretty excited about the bird books because it will help him advance in his job.  

I spent forever looking for a card and finally found one that Sage could give him.

It was a wonderful weekend. 

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Jessica said...

I got Andrew a card from Amber. It said, "Happy Father's Day, To the Scooper...From the Pooper!". He loved it! :)