Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playing T Ball

Our nephew, Preston, was old enough to play T-ball this year. Most of his games are in the morning, but he does have a few night games too. I was able to go to one last night. The weather was beautiful, until about 5 minutes before the game started. Then the wind kicked up. But it was still a fun game.

My pictures are blurry. I think my Nikon is having problems. I need to break down and send it in, but that means giving it up for several weeks while they fix it and I don't want to do that. But its a nice camera so I need to so it will preform to its best abilities.

Preston's team is the Gold Team. Last night they played the Yellow Team. Preston is the one in the gray hoodie. Both teams have kids 4 - 6 years old.  They do two innings. During the first inning, Preston was in the center of the field.

Chasing the ball.

When they bat, someone pitches to them 3 times. If they hit it, RUN. If not, they set up the stand and let them hit it from there. Preston came close a few times to hitting a pitch.

Running to 1st base. When the last batter hit the ball, they have all the kids on base run to home. I didn't know that soon enough and Preston was last so I didn't get a picture of him on the other bases. But I will next time.

Running so fast for home, he's about to pass up the kid before him.

And he's SAFE!

During the 2nd inning, Preston was covering 3rd base.

About this time he told me to stop taking his picture. So I switched to my smaller camera so it wasn't so obvious. Those pictures are lower. ;)
Back up to bat for the 2nd time. He was so close to hitting the ball a few times. And I was so close to a good action shot, but this lady kept stepping in front of me just as I took the picture. I kept moving for a clean shot, but then she would move just as I hit the shutter button. Oh well, I'll get more pictures next time. I'll risk injury on the field if I have too.

Running to home the 2nd time. He was pretty excited.

These pictures are from my other camera, so they are out of order.

I'm trying to train my cats (HAHAHA) to scratch only kitten scratching approved items. I bought this tunnel thingy at Walmart. It opens on one end, and then other end has holes so they can play with another cat on the other side. I really didn't think my cats would like it, but Buddy LOVES it. His body is twice as long as the tunnel, but he still curls up in it.

My wonderful in-laws. :)

I throw Buddy and Zipper outside everyday. Pyro gets to stay in since she is getting old. We think she enjoys being the "only" kitten of the house. Each night at dark, I let them back in for bedtime. On Tuesday night, Buddy was a pill and wouldn't come in. He came up to the door twice, but then shot around it. The second time he took off across the lawn. I was tired and decided he could spend the night outside. So when he came in last night he had been outside for like 36 hours. He was pretty lonesome. He cuddled me all night. When I went to throw them outside this morning, I found him cuddling Zipper while Zipper bathed his head. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will come in at night.

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