Thursday, June 16, 2011

Valex's 1st birthday

My nephew turned 1 this week. For his birthday party, my sister asked me to make his cake. In our family, its tradition for the one year old to get their own cake. When we put Valex's cake in front of him, my youngest brother, John wanted to know why Valex got a cake to himself. My mom explained the tradition and told John that he had one too for his first birthday. John decided it would be a better tradition when you are old enough to remember. ;)

Wilton has a guitar pan, so she asked me to make two guitar cakes, one for Valex and one for the guest. I had her email me pictures of Valex's dad's guitars and I tried to copy them.

Valex got the acoustic guitar. It was the easier one to copy and I thought it turned out as close as you can get for a cake that is pretending to be a guitar. ;)

The electric guitar cake was also inspired by a picture she sent me. It ended up being my favorite.

About 2 hours before the party, I realized I didn't have a card. (Those cakes kept me too busy to remember anything else.) I was at work so there wasn't much I could do. I knew I could just buy a card, but I enjoy making them so much. Luckily I had some scrapbook paper with me because I was going to Jessica's after work to craft before the party. So I cut a few things out and then stole some pop up dots from Jessica to put it together. It is my first square card and also the first card I've put together on my own without following a design.

One more brag and then I'll get to the birthday party pictures. I LOVE shopping for clothes. And I LOVE finding good deals on clothes. About a month ago, the Children's Place was having a sale which included items at up to 60% off and free shipping. Ten minutes later my shopping cart was full and I had checked out buying 7 shirts. Since Valex's cake was a guitar, I decided to stick with the music theme, for the most part.

I think the white shirt ended up being my favorite.
I couldn't rest these cute dinosaur shirts.

After checkout, I realized I had bought 2 shirts that were almost identical. But they were both cute so it didn't matter.

The green shirt, and the orange below, were from another good sale at Old Navy.

The party was last night at my mom's house. I only put my camera down long enough to get the cakes out, so there is a TON of pictures. In my post about the t-ball game, I complained about the lady who kept getting in front of my camera. Last night, I WAS that person.
Opening his first birthday present. (Only my mom would use Christmas wrapping paper.)

Vanessa knew it was my present before reading the card because I like ribbon. For me, half of the gift is about presentation. Hence the stress over the almost forgotten card.

So much ribbon, that Valex couldn't open it on his own.

You can tell this present is from one of my brothers because of the duck tape. ;) I thought it was cute that Alden went to the store just to buy nice paper, but then used duck tape to wrap it. Valex had to take a break to sneeze.

He hasn't figured out forward yet, but he can go backwards and make it jump.

One of my favorite pictures from last night.

Trying to blow the whistle. I'm sure he'll figure it out soon. ;)

Another favorite.

My handsome and thrifty brother. (He's the one that used the duck tape.)

He was pretty fascinated with the candle.

He wasn't sure what to think of the cake.

Still not sure.

Maybe just a little taste.

Hm, still not sure.

One more of my favorite pictures from last night.

His dad is holding the guitar that the cake was inspired after.

I think the dog ate more cake then he did.

I take that back. I think the kitten ate more cake then he or the dog did.

Final destruction.

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Jessica said...

The cakes turned out great and I was glad to see your dad there as well!