Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tyler's 2nd Birthday

On Sunday, we went to Barb & Matt's to celebrate Tyler's 2nd Birthday.

I love how much Tyler seems to love his uncle Josh. He had Josh hold him while he blew out his candles and then later again when he opened the presents from us.

We also bought one present for Preston so he wouldn't feel left out.

For his present, we bought him a selection of shirts. Right now, Tyler's favorite book is a tractor magazine that Matt got in the mail. He LOVES tractors and big trucks. I was so excited when I was able to find some shirts with big trucks and tractors at Kohls.com

The John Deere shirt ended up being the favorite. I knew it would though, it fits his personality perfectly. He and Preston immediately wanted to change into their new shirts.

Preston's shirt.

Melanie texted me the next morning to tell me he loved his tractor shirt and refused to take it off.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

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