Tuesday, August 9, 2011

24. A place you have traveled to

I wish I had pictures to go with this post, but I don't think I do. Josh and I aren't big into traveling, so we've never gone too far from home. But we are planning a cruise to Alaska next year and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to make up for the lack of pictures on this post.

As a kid, my mom was big on vacations, so we went on one about every year. Sadly, mostly all I remember is fighting in the car, fighting in the parks, fighting in the hotel. Well, you get the point. I think that is why I don't like traveling.

Nevertheless, here are a few of the non fighting memories from those trips.

I was young the first time we went to Disneyland. There was just me and my sister at that time. We drove all the way to California in my dad's truck with a camper in the bed. I don't remember this part, buy my parents relate it often. They had prepped us for a long time that the trip would take us 2 whole days. TWO DAYS! We left home and headed down the road. They stopped in a town only 30 minutes away where they told us that we were there. We were pretty disappointed after seeing the town of Duchesne. What I do remember from that trip was the truck lost a hubcap and my dad had to look for it on the freeway. And I remember the ride "Its a Small World."

The 2nd time we went to Disneyland, we went with half of my dad's family. My grandma wanted to take all the grand kids, but the family is so big, she decided to split it in half. She took the older grand kids and then a few years later took the younger ones.

The highlight of that trip was meeting Belle. We went to a restaurant in the park where some characters walk around the tables and Belle was supposed to be there that night. But she somehow got held up and we ended up waiting FOREVER to meet her.

One year my family went to the Black Hills. I don't think my parents planned it on purpose, but we ended up going during Sturgis. The closest hotel we could find was in Wyoming. I've never seen so many motorcycles! I don't remember much else about the trip, except that just about every morning we ate at the same place because it was so good! I think it was call Perkins, but I can't remember.
Another year we went to Yellowstone. I'd love to go there again with Josh. But we have conflicts on when to go. He wants to go in the fall when the elk are bugling, but that is also the same time he usually hunts. Hopefully someday.

The only big trip we've been on since we got married was to Lake Powell. I LOVED it. Josh endured it. We went with a friend and his two younger sisters. I loved living on a boat for a few days, the tubing, all the water fun. Josh is not so much a water person, unless we are fishing, but we didn't do much of that. I think the only part he enjoyed was a nap he took on a sand dune. We had hiked up a canyon one day and made it to the sand dune. He slept while the rest of us played in the sand. He still talks about the nap and how wonderful it was. I don't know if we'll ever go back, but I'd love too. This trip has actually led to a dispute. We both want a boat. But Josh wants a small fishing boat while I wanted a much larger boat.

Josh and I aren't completely boring, we just both seem to prefer to stay close to home. We both enjoy camping and try to do that every year, even if its just for a night. We also try to go somewhere new every year on our anniversary. I think my favorite place we stayed was a Bed & Breakfast in Cedar City about 6 or 7 years ago. It was the cutest place and they were running a special so we were able to stay in the honeymoon suite for half the price. Last year we talked about going again, but the place is no longer there.

Now we are looking forward to Alaska. I can't wait!


Jessica said...

Yay! Alaska!! Andrew and I are getting serious about looking for exactly the right cruise for us all. :)

Tammy said...

Do you remember the condo trips to Park City?