Thursday, August 11, 2011

24. A Place You Have Traveled To UPDATE

My mom reminded me of our Park City Trips. Those were FUN! There were a few summers were we would go stay in a friends condo and then ride the Alpine Slide. This would've been back when you could actually afford to, I've heard its gotten pretty expensive. I think that is one of the reasons we didn't continue that trip every summer like we had been doing before. One year we also went on a horse ride. My brother was too young, so my mom stayed behind with him while my sister and I went on the trail ride. It was pretty neat. And for some odd reason, I also remember people telling me that year that they loved my hair. Not sure why that memory sticks out the most...

I guess in my vacations post, I was only thinking about big vacations. But we had lots of fun mini vacations too. Each year we went to Lagoon, and most often we went at least twice, sometimes more. We'd usually go with my mom's family. Then later in the summer my dad's employer would've give him tickets for the family, so we'd go again. :) During that second time, Lagoon was usually running their "bounce back". You had to validate your ticket, and then you could come back for free (or half price, I can't remember) a few weeks later. We'd usually go as a family the 1st time, but then we would only validate some of the tickets. Then we'd go to the other end of the park and sign our friends names so they could come with us the next time. ;)

I also remember camping a lot, until our family outgrew the camper. The last time I remember going, my brother slept in his car seat on the stove. I think one of those trips is where I said my first swear word. (Again, another odd memory to have.)

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Jessica said...

You swear! ;) Now Lagoon takes your picture if you sign up to bounceback. Dang it!