Sunday, August 28, 2011

Murder at Marti Gras Dinner Party

Last weekend Randi hosted a Murder Mystery Party at her home. It was a delightful evening with great food and even better company.
I had spent the last 2 months trying to find the perfect dress. A few weeks ago, I was at the mall with Barbara and Melanie. When we walked past Mr. Mac (the missionary suit store), I saw a stand of dresses out front. I grabbed a couple to try on and found a dressing room. Neither dress fit quite right, but someone else had left their dresses in there. I tried on the black one and LOVED it.

It was a little more then I wanted to spend so I put the dresses back and left to find the others. Five minutes later I decided I HAD to have that dress so Tyler and I went back to Mr. Mac and bought it. Then later that day I was able to find a pair of red wedges to go with it.

I decided it would be fun to make my own mask. It turned out cute, but didn't fit me quite right. When I put it on, I couldn't see straight and would end up getting cross eyed. So about 30 minutes before the party I found a stick and glued it to that.

I loved every one's costumes. And each person did a great job of playing their part.

At the end of the night I had NO idea who the killer was, even though I was sitting right next to him.

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Kiki said...

Cute dress, cute mask, cute idea! Looks like fun!