Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Book 2010

Last year I decided to make "year books" out of my blog using Blog 2 Print. I had to wait until we had some money because my 2009 book was so big. Then I also waited until they ran a 15% off sale.

This year I wanted to do it again. I knew they run their sales every few months, so I just waited until another sale was ran and then uploaded my blog to their website. I was so excited that I didn't have to wait to far into the new year.

Here is my blog book for 2010. I decided to put my favorite family picture on the front cover and then since the kittens were such a big part of our lives last year, I choose my favorite picture of them for the back cover.


KT said...

The kittens are cuties! Have you heard about any of their new homes?

Savannah said...

We kept Buddy (the grey kitten). My sister in-law took Honey (the white/orange kitten) and my mother in-law to Lewis & Bullet. But my sister in-law had a problem with neighborhood dogs so she took Honey to her moms too, so now the three of them live together at my in-laws home and I get to see them every time I go over. They are doing well.

Audie said...

I had no idea that you could make your blog into a book! How did the pictures turn out in it? Although I enjoy blogging, I have a serious issue with actually doing it on a regular basis....maybe one day!