Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Swaperoo package to Lyndsey

Here is the complete package I put together for the Spring Swaperoo. I had so much fun putting this one together.

Last year I was with Jessica when she went to pick up some kits from Tracy at the Idea Closet. I was so jealous because they were so cute. Tracy had one extra kit and offered to let me buy it. It was a door sign and even though I really don't care for those, I got it anyways. But then I never put it together. I thought this Swaperoo was the perfect excuse to finish it. I hope it mails okay. (It didn't. She'll have to reglue it. Sorry.) The wood glue did I were NOT get along. After holding one piece on for half an hour (and it still not setting in place), I decided to use a hot glue gun instead. Then I also tried tacky glue on one of the feet that wouldn't stay on.

 The name I drew for the swap has some young children and I thought this stuff would be fun to include for them. Great minds must think alike, because I got the same candies in my swap gift.

Since scrapbooking has been my obsession lately, I decided to include a few pages. I went through all the layout I've done with Janel's Close to My Heart group and tried to copy a few of my favorites. 

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Jessica said...

I love how the bunny door hanger turned out. Too bad the glue wouldn't hold!