Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2. The best part of your day

First I'll start off with my least favorite part of the day....morning. I am not a morning person. I hit snooze at least 3 times on my clock before rolling out of bed. I feel like a sleepy slug as I do my hair. Then I notice I have 10 minutes left before I need to leave, so its a mad dash to find some clothes and something to pack for my lunch.

My favorite part of the day is the evenings. I love it when I get home from work. I like my job, but really, I would rather spend my time with my sweet husband. Most night we don't do anything special, just eat some dinner and watch some tv. But its still my favorite part of the day. Especially when I come home to find dinner is already cooked, that makes it even better. (Partly because, yay, I don't have to cook, but also because Josh is such an amazing cook.)

I also love bedtime. We have already talked about our day and other things, but there is something about our heads hitting pillows that makes us think of other things to discuss. I like to think its because, even though we are tired, we still want to spend as much time together as we can before falling asleep, so we visit.

On weekends, all day long is my favorite time of the day. ;) After the house work is done, we usually just veg around the house watching movies or playing games and I love it.

One more favorite part of the day is when Zipper cuddles up to me. When Josh and I are sitting on the couch watching tv, Zipper will worm his way between us and cuddle up against me. I love that he is such a mamma's boy. He usually cuddles up with me in bed too, and that is when he sucks his toes. :)

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