Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

Yesterday I checked my email, and there was a message from Kim asking if we wanted to do Easter cupcakes that night. Of course Jessica and I both said yes. It was so much fun and they turned out so cute.

We used the grass tip to make grass with Easter eggs placed on top. I need more practice with this tip, but it was fun.

Then we made Easter chicks by frosting the cupcake and then rolling the top in coconut that Kim had dyed yellow. We had a bag of M&M's for the eyes and Kim sliced up some gummy bunnies for the beaks.

I wanted to try to make a birds nest. So I died some coconut purple (because that's more fun then brown). Then I used a round tip to pipe around the edge of the cupcake, but didn't fill in the center. Then I rolled it in the coconut to form the nest. Then I filled the center with some frosting and placed my eggs there. Then I stuffed more coconut in between the eggs to fill in the gaps.

 I love how they all turned out. We have a few more designs we want to try out, so we hope to get together again soon.  

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