Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mini Album

A few weeks ago, I saw THIS post on the r house blog. Immediately I thought of Josh's cousin Garrett who just left on his mission to serve in Fiji.

I ordered the mini album from Close to My Heart.
(I really need to get better at taking before pictures. And during pictures.)

I love how small and compact it is, so when Garrett goes through transfers he will be able to fit it in his bag. I haven't attached any pictures yet. I've made the tags, but they aren't attached either.

Here it is all folded up.

 This is the front. On the first panel I will attach the labels that say "the Hanke family". Then the other seven panels will have family pictures. His family, each set of grandparents, and then aunts & uncles on the other four panels.

 The back panels have a pocket where we will each write him a message.

I'm hoping to see his mom this weekend so I can give it to her, so I probably won't have pictures of it after the family pictures are attached.


Kyndra Sue said...

Savannah! WOW! You are seriously the best cousin ever, I saw this and it made me start to cry. Garrett is so lucky to have cousins like you who think of him. Blessings are everywhere we look. This is such a great idea. You are awesome. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Savannah, your awesome

ps. does Josh really need a new gun..
.... I hope he did a good job on
the bike.
pss. o-yea I remember now. Josh and
Grandpa M. have a lot in