Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I don't usually get into the whole "New Years Resolution" thing, but I thought I might try it this year.

I think.

I've been working on this list since the first of the year. But I've never published it because I'm already not doing well on some of the things. And yet, I'm doing really well on other things.

1. Last year I have really gotten into crafting and I have LOVED it. I want to do even more. I have already found found a few cute things I want to try, like this cute t-shirt scarf. I also really want to start making my own greeting cards. I wanted to do this last year, but I kept putting it off and then I didn't have any to send out for Christmas. I want to have a well stocked collection for all occasions so I'm going to try and break it up.
January - Christmas cards
February - Valentine Cards
March - Happy Birthday Cards
April - Happy Mother's Day Cards
May - Happy Father's Day Cards
June - Thank You Cards
July - Get well cards
August - Just thinking of you cards
September - maybe more Happy Birthday Cards
October - maybe more Thank You Cards
November - maybe more Christmas Cards
December - Lets me honest now, I'll probably take a break so I can concentrate on Christmas. :)

2. Exercise. Lets face it, I am not in very good shape and I don't like it. Around Thanksgiving I found a stationary bike for $50! It is like new and the people I bought it from paid $200 so I got a killer deal. I thought about putting it in my craft room so it wouldn't be in the way, but I figured it would become an out of sight, out of mind thing, so its in my front room. Ask my husband, he has stubbed his toe on it many times now. (This is one of the areas I'm already not doing well at. But I recommitted myself this week.)

3. Save for a cruise. Its something I've always wanted to do and something I've had to talk hard about to convince Josh to try out. We thought about going on one this year for our 10th anniversary, but I think we need a little more money saved up first so we are shooting for a cruise in 2012.

4. Housework. That is almost a foreign concept to me because I have become such a slacker! I need to find a routine that fits my schedule.

5. This was originally pay off the truck and then buy a new car. But when the car became such a hassle we had to reverse this one to: Buy a new car and then still try to pay the truck off early. Hopefully sometime this summer.

6. Get a handle on some health issues. I'm not in bad health, but I have some things that bother me. My PCOS has suddenly got my body all out of whack again and its driving me nuts. I also have some foot pain that I have been living with for years now. I am going to see a doctor about it this year and figure out why it hurts all the time and what I can do to fix whatever the problem is.

7. Just enjoy life more. Stop sweating over the big stuff and start enjoying the small stuff.


JLE Family Chronicles said...

Cruises are cheaper than you think. I have taken many cruises (LOVE THEM!) and there is a nice 4 day cruise out of Long Beach, CA that stops in Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. Depending the time of year that you go, you could possibly get a cabin for around $250/pp. I'm not a travel agency or anything; just someone who likes to cruise :)

Meka said...

You should go on a cruise!! Your cards are way cute, I am always impressed with paper crafting because I really struggle with scrap booking and cards and stuff like that. Yours are very cute! Oh and I tried those scarfs, they are soooo easy and fun, it takes a half hour tops for one!