Monday, January 17, 2011

She came back!

Friday night we had a new stray cat show up. She is very friendly, so I fed her. Then I watched for her all day Saturday. I had finally decided she wasn't going to come back. I looked just as it was getting dark, and there she was!
 We are considering different names. I want something winterish. Right now my list includes:
Nippy (short for Frostnip)
Blizzy (short for Blizzard)
Nieve (Spanish for Snow)
 Zipper is all bear rugged out because the house is so warm. But I thought this picture also shows how he has been pouting since the new cat showed up. He does NOT like to share his momma.
 Proof that I need a new point and shoot digital camera. The sunrise was so pretty this morning, but my camera doesn't do it justice.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

This is just like our kitty Mario. She would only come back at night to eat and sleep. Emillio wasn't as tolerant as your cats are trying to be though! :)