Friday, January 28, 2011

New & Improved

For Christmas, I got Josh a new hat. The exact same hat he got last time he got a new hat. I asked him his size and asked him a few times if he was sure because I was ordering it online. His hat size used to be 7-1/4. It probably would be still, except he now shaves his head. He didn't have a lot of hair before, so its hard to believe that his hat size changed so much.

We finally got his new hat last week. It fits perfectly.
 I am married to such a sexy man!

Another correct item we had to track down was one of my birthday presents. I asked for an external storage device. Instead I got an external hard drive that burns DVDs. When I took it back to Staples, they asked me if anything was wrong with it. I told them, "Its not an external storage device." They look at me funny so I added, "No, just a husband error."
 When I ordered my external storage device online I also ordered this ScanDisk micromate. I love it! I can just plug my memory card into it and then plug that into my computer. (Basically, so I can blog at work.)
 In case you are wondering why I am taking so many pictures lately (of even the dumbest things like Scandisk Micromates), this is why.
 So far, I am in love. I got a new Kodak camera in 2009. Within a week I hated it. But I tried to give it more time to make sure it wasn't just me. By the time I realized how much I hated it, I had lost the receipt. So I've just tried to make myself like it. A few weeks ago I had enough and I ordered this Cannon. I am trying to take pictures of EVERYTHING so I can make sure I like it. If I decide I don't in the next two weeks, I'll send it back and try again. But at this point, I don't see that happening.

 So be prepared for posts with lots of pictures!

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Jessica said...

I like your SanDish MicroMate. My computer at work has memory card ports, but if it only had USB ports you could bet I would want one of these as well! Love that Ally and Buddy are sleeping in exactly the same position. Those crazy cats of ours!