Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Three Stooges

While sleeping Monday night, I heard a crash in the kitchen and I thought "Hm, wonder if the cats found a mouse." We live next to a hayfield and the occasional mouse does get in, but they never last long. The next morning we couldn't find any proof anywhere. Most cats eat the mice they kill, but ours are spoiled, so they usually don't. Then on Tuesday night the same thing happened. This time we got up to investigate. Sure enough, Buddy had a mouse in his mouth. I was so proud, it was his first mouse. When we woke up the next morning, all we found was three of the cats watching the book shelf very intensely. That's a pretty good sign that the mouse got away and that was the last place they saw it. How can ONE mouse evade THREE cats? I've decided the cats probably get in the way of each other, so now we call them the three stooges.

Last night the same thing happened again, but it was right at bed time. Since we weren't half asleep, we got up to check. We found three cats (Buddy, Ally and Zipper) trying to get under or behind the computer desk. We finally got it pulled out enough and Buddy dove behind it and came out with a mouse. A mouse that Buddy had every intention of playing with, but apparently not killing. I was standing on a kitchen chair for most of this.

Several times the mouse would get away. I was on the chair shooing it with a stick while Josh was trying to hit it with broom, (maybe I should call this the 5 stooges). At least with our efforts we were able to keep it confined to a corner of the kitchen. The only place for the mouse to hide was under my kitchen shelf, which sits about an inch and a half off of the ground. It should be a safe place for the mouse.
Nope, Buddy's going in after it! He went under the shelf three times (because he let it get away three times).

 Each time Buddy had the mouse, Josh would try to get it with the broom, but Buddy didn't want to share and we didn't want to smack the only cat that could actually fit under the kitchen shelf. Finally when the mouse got away again, Josh was able to get it under the broom and "take care of it."

If it wasn't an mouse (EW!) it would actually be quite hilarious to watch all of this.

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Teah said...

That is hilarious. It's to bad you didn't get it on video. That would be fun to go back and watch a few years down the road. Way to go Buddy!