Saturday, January 15, 2011


I came home yesterday and when I stepped out of the car, I heard a cat cry. My cats are spoiled, so they haven't been out much since it snowed. Most cats can live outside in the winter, mine don't think they can. But Zipper was extra whiny today, so we had thrown him out a few times. He would go to the end of the porch and then cry to come back in. I'm sure he is trying to tell me to make all of the white stuff disappear. 
So when I heard the cat cry, my first thought was that it was him. I could see a cat on the porch, but it wasn't as white as him. So then I thought it was Ally, but it was too white. As I got closer, I realized it wasn't one of our cats. So I carefully set my groceries down and slowly approached. The cat is pretty friendly, it ran right up to me. I picked it up and petted her. Then I walked up to the door and just looked in so Josh could see us. 

 She is so friendly that we think she is someones pet. And since she let me hold her, I decided to give her some food and milk. She followed Josh when he went out to get more of my groceries, and she was out there later when I looked out just to see if she was. But the last time I went out, she was gone. Hopefully she is settled somewhere warm for the night and we will see her again soon. 

And by "we" I only mean me and Josh. Everyone else was pretty jealous. 
 While she was eating I tried to get a better picture of her. She decided on a close up. 


Jessica said...

Andrew and I laughed about your other cats watching through the window. What a great picture of jealousy!

RMCarter said...

I participated in a CSA for a while and they offered a half box. That does look like a LOT of stuff. Too bad you can't get a small box.

Love the new kitty!!