Friday, January 14, 2011

My craft room!

About a month ago, I decided I was done having an empty room that we called the "nursery" room, when in reality its been nothing but a "junk" room for years. So I went through it, dejunked, gave away and sold some baby stuff. Then I started moving all of my craft stuff in.

Each time I go in to work, I end up moving stuff around some more, but I think I'm finally about settled in. I love that this room is all MINE and I don't have to share it with Josh's stuff. And its a few degrees warmer then the back room so I don't mind working in there in the winter time. Now I just need to get a better light fixture in there so I have better lighting. And new blinds. This is one of the rooms we didn't redo when we got new blinds last summer and now I regret that. But I hope to replace all the other blinds next summer. 

This is where my creative magic happens. I got the lap top several months ago so I could have a computer to be on while Josh was on our computer doing homework. Its so nice to have it in my craft room so I can watch Netflix or Hulu. And if I get bored with that, I also have a portable DVD player I can set up.  
 The shelf is still a work in progress. I need to cut the ribbons spools down, but the drawers I have shoved full of ribbon are already full. I really should start using all this ribbon I seem to love to buy.

I also want to figure out a better way to organize my paper. I have TONS and each time I look for a certain pattern, I have to dig through all of it to find what I'm looking for. After I get my paper figured out, I think I'll be able to figure out where to put everything else that is shoved together on the top shelf. Notice Zipper, the cats aren't supposed to be in this room and they know it.
 And yet, here comes Buddy. They love sneaking into this room. At least with it all cleaned up, there is less places for them to hide.
 I think I've bragged about my filing cabinet before, but if not, I LOVE it. I got it for $3! All that ribbon I mentioned is in the little storage device next to it. And I love how big my stamp collection is getting. I might need to figure out something better for them too.
 Ignore the very ugly blind. This is the other corner of the room that I'm still working on. The stand is an old microwave stand that Barb gave to me. It doesn't fit in my small kitchen, but I think I'll get much use out of it here. The Tupperware in the corner is full of all the kits I have made from the Idea Closet. On top is a pillow I made years ago. Then a green basket that I found in all of my cleaning. I want to find something cute to display in the basket.
 This is an old dresser that was in the room when we moved in. The drawers don't open, so its not good for much, but I thought I'd cheer it up with some fun things on top.
Looks like I found something to put in the basket. Ally has become quite a little snot about claiming EVERYTHING as hers.
After I got my room all clean, I decide to work on some cards. It took me hours to get my room organized how I want, but only minutes to get it all messy. I also caved and let Zipper stay in the room with me. He can beat up the dog that is bigger then him, but Buddy who is smaller, picks on Zipper so I let him in so he could get away from Buddy.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness I am soooo jealous! I bet you will do a lot of fun crafting in that room!!! ENJOY!

Tuesday Stamper said...

Ohhh! We also have a "nursery" which sits with baby stuff not being used...depressing at best. I have also had the thought to make this the "craft" room!

Is that a case for stampin' up ink that I see? Me and some friends are big stampers (me just cards...some of them are scrapbookers).

Anyhow, I thought I would give you the address that we are starting for our Tuesday night stamp group that is meeting every other month. We will post the designs that we make!

Savannah said...

Its Close to My Heart ink pads, but I have seen the Stampin' Up products, and they look awesome too. I thought about joining a group, but I can't control my shopping when I look at the Close to My Heart catalog, I don't think I could handle two different companies.

Kara-Jane said...

I love it!!!! Having a room just for crafts that you can leave stuff out is a wonderful thing! My hubby made me one years ago.