Sunday, January 9, 2011

The most expensive way to fix a car

 It started to snow on December 17th, 2010. It snowed all night. Then it snowed all day the next day. And the next night. On Sunday of that week we tried to get my car out of the driveway, with no such luck. It was STUCK. Luckily our neighbor took pity on us and came and plowed us out. Which only helped for a little while, because it was still snowing. It snowed for several days without stopping. By the time it quit we had 3 feet of snow. Since then my car has been stuck 5 times. Its just not meant for this kind of weather.

 Look closely in the photo below, my car is there...somewhere.
We had one more big storm after that one that gave us another foot of snow. Then on New Year's Eve it turned COLD. We went to my cousins for dinner and when we left at 2AM to head home, the car wouldn't start. No surprise, it was -14. Brrr. Luckily we had taken both vehicles so we hopped in the truck and headed home. On Sunday, we went back down and tried to start it. No luck. We called my dad and he came to look at it. He wasn't sure what was wrong, but he figured it all lead to one thing, it was just too cold. I left the keys so Jessica could try it every day on her lunch break. On Monday it started, only to die again. On Tuesday we decided to tow it to a sunnier spot hoping if it got enough sunlight it would warm up and start. 
I love my Ford Focus. I love how it is small enough to fit in tight spaces. Any other time of the year it drives beautifully, but if there is a few inches of snow, I'm in trouble. 
The solution only cost several thousand dollars.
 I test drove this escape home on Monday night and by Wednesday I had the loan approved to purchase it. It gets around wonderfully and I am in LOVE with it. My dream car has always been a Ford Escape.
On Friday my dad tried to start my old car. It fired right up. Which was a relief since I traded it in for my down payment. But it still seems ironic that the car would only start after I bought something new.


From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

that snow is crazy. nice care

bookladydavina said...

being use to such cold weather and things not wanting to start because of it... up here most people use battery blankets and/or block heaters to help with that (or, if you have room, which no one ever does, stick it in the garage on the really cold nights..) if it's really really cold, like up on the oil fields, they never turn the trucks off, they just run all the time..
my truck occasionally gets too cold to start, since there is rarely room in the garage, and usually charging the battery will help it to start right up, though it may take a bit, and if you've got heaters to stick around, that helps too.. I will admit I have hung a hair dryer in there on at least one occasion.. hubby keeps saying he's gonna get me a block heater, but it keeps getting put off...

Jessica said...

I'm glad the Focus started eventually! I love your new car though. It makes me want a new car. :)

Malone and Brittany said...

LOVE it!!! Seriously, I am green right now. LOL