Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shopping with the girls

Last Saturday I talked Jessica and Kim into going to the city with me. (By talked, I mean, I mentioned it and the said they couldn't wait to go!) I wanted to find a new dress for some upcoming family pictures.

Each time we go to the city, I tell myself I'm going to take pictures so I can blog about how much fun we have. But we are so busy shopping, laughing, eating, shopping, etc. that I forget to get my camera out. But Kim did get one picture while we were driving. I love these guys so much!
It was an awesome fun day. I found a dress, shoes, and jewelry for the pictures. I also found some other clothes including this jacket from the Dress Barn. It was 60% off!
We didn't get home until 1:00 Sunday morning, but it was so much fun, its worth loosing sleep over.


Jessica said...

It's definitely worth losing sleep over. Love ya!

brandya said...

Super cute jacket! I LOVE it! Okay, now we (and when I say we I mean ME) want to see the dress, shoes and jewelry. I don't think I can wait for family pictures. I demand a blog fashion show. :) You are beautiful!