Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preston's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my little nephew is now four years old.  On Sunday, we went to Josh's parents so we could celebrate. Preston was so excited. After taking a few bites of his dinner, he told his mom he was ready for cake. She told him in a little while. A few minutes later, the clock struck and he informed us all that it meant it was time for cake.

Josh and I gave him some activity books and some money for his piggy bank.

It didn't look like there was that much black frosting on the cake, but apparently there was more then enough to make all of our lips and teeth black.  

 Grandpa Paul has a clear cover over his table to protect the table cloth underneath. Someone had put little heart under the plastic and Tyler wanted to get them. He almost tipped the cake over a few times.


Jessica said...

Oh Josh, that black lipstick is HOT!

KT said...

It looks like an awesome decorated cake!

Savannah said...

I didn't decorate the cake. Preston picked it out at the store.