Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wii Party

Ever since the New Year's Eve Party, Josh has been hinting that he wants to get together again and play Guitar Hero. So this week I suggested it and we decided to all get together and have a Wii party. Jessica had just gotten a new game, Just Dance 2, and Kim brought Glee Karaoke. Between those three games we had a BLAST!
 I didn't play Guitar Hero the last time, but this time I got brave and tried it out. I tried one song and didn't do well, but then Jessica told me to try "Eye of the Tiger". I finished the song (on the easy level)! But it must have all got to my head because I never did well after that. (I couldn't even do a song on the beginners level!) 

 I've heard Just Dance is a fun game, and it IS! We were so tired and yet we kept going. 

 I didn't know if I would get into the Karaoke game, but I really enjoyed it too. 
 Even Jessica's cat Emilio joined in on the fun. 
I now have a HUGE wish list of new games on that I want to get someday, hopefully soon. 


Ercanbrack's said...

I had so much fun! Can't wait to do it again! I think we should play Mario Party too!

Jessica said...

I told Andrew I want the Glee Karaoke game that Kim has and the new one coming out in April. We had fun too. Can't wait to do it again!