Monday, February 21, 2011

10th Anniversary Getaway

This year we celebrated our 10th Anniversary! I have been so excited to celebrate our anniversary this year. Our anniversary was on February 9th. We wanted to get away for a few nights, but had to wait until this last weekend. That was fine with me because I felt like it made the fun last even longer. For the last two weeks I have told everyone "We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary."

At first we talked about escaping the cold and going to St. George for a weekend, but when I started calling around looking for a room, they were already booked up, and I was calling two months in advance! So then we decided to try something new and go to Logan. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn and LOVED every second of it.

There is so many amazing things about this place! They have themed luxury suites that are so cute. We choose to stay in the "Artic Journey" Room.
Along with our room, we added on the "Adore Me" package. It included:
A single rose
A large box of chocolates
An in room massage
Rose petals scattered around the room
3 battery operated votive candles
1 large bath truffle
Late Checkout
Two nights before we went up, I got on their website again, just to look around. That is when I noticed that each room also comes with:
Warm cookies as you check in
Two slices of cheesecake in the fridge in your room
A bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider
Breakfast each morning.

Then I was even more excited to go!
We didn't drink our Sparking Apple Cider until the last night. But each day room service made sure to fill our thing with ice so it would be cold for us. We also ate the cheese cake the same night.

I added one more small package to our room. It was 2 champagne flutes filled with Hershey Kisses.

I loved the rose petals around the tub! I made sure to press a few in a book so I could take them home.
One of the votive candles and the large bath truffle. It smelled so good! I bought some more when we check out so I could have some to use at home.
The BIG thing for our getaway was it HAD to have a jetted tub. I love soaking in the tub, but our house is old which means our tub is small. When we have a room with a jetted tub, I try to get a year worth of baths in the weekend. I spent half of my time in the tub reading books while Josh watched the hunting channel.

We weren't sure if we would like the massage, but we decided it sounded fun. Two gals came right to our room and gave us each a half hour massage. It ended up being the highlight of our trip. Josh loved that they massaged his head.
When you check in, they give you a card for each day you are staying and have you choose what time you want your room cleaned and what you want for breakfast. They only have a small selection of choices, but we tried each item and they were all good! Each meal came with your selection, 2 choices of drinks and a yogurt parfait.

Friday morning's breakfast:
I had the cinnamon raisin bagel, orange juice and hot chocolate.
Josh had a cinnamon roll and 2 cranberry juices.
Saturday's breakfast:
I had the Raspberry Danish, orange juice and hot chocolate.
Josh had the Ham & Cheese Croissant and 2 cranberry juices.
Sunday's Breakfast.
I originally was going to have a regular bagel, but after trying Josh's breakfast on Saturday, I called the front desk and had them change my order. I had the Ham & Cheese Croissant, cranberry juice and hot chocolate.
Josh had the Raspberry Danish and 2 cranberry juices.
One day we found Walmart so we could buy a vase for the rose so we could enjoy it during our stay.
Other highlights of the weekend included our first time seeing a movie in 3D. We went to "Gnomeo & Juliet". It was so cute. Before the movie, we were trying to kill time and we ended up at SubZero Ice Cream. It was so good! I was so mad that I had left my camera in our room. We tried to go back on Sunday before leaving, but they were closed.
The Anniversary Inn has several rooms. They offer tours each afternoon, but we were usually out eating lunch so we never went on the tours. But one day the room next to ours, "King Arthur's Court" was left open, so we went in to look around.

Also that day the "Lost in Space" room was open for just a second while the cleaning lady went to get supplies. The bed wasn't made yet, so I only took a picture of the bathroom.
We had so much fun on our trip and we are already talking about going back again and trying another room.

For a few years I have wanted a couples ring that had both of our birthstones. I've looked around a few times, but never found one I liked. This year I was determined to get one. A few weeks ago while shopping in the city with Kim & Jessica, I ran into Zale's to see what they had. At first they tried to talk me into a Mother's Ring because those are styled for birthstones. But then the guy found a ring that was PERFECT! It matches my wedding ring almost perfectly. It came with three diamonds already in it. We had those taken out and three different stones put in, my birthday in January, Josh's birthday in December and our Anniversary month in February. Then they turned the 2 smaller diamonds into earrings. I have the bigger diamond and just need to choose a necklace setting for it.

It took a few weeks to get my ring ready, but I was able to pick it up on our way to Logan on Thursday. I am so in LOVE with it. Its just what I have pictured all of these years.

I bought Josh a new gun for our anniversary. Sorry, I don't have a picture yet because he's still waiting for the scope rings to come in so he can put the scope on and he doesn't want me to take a picture until its all ready. So I'll post that later.
Celebrating 10 years of bliss was wonderful. I can't imagine my life without Josh. I'm forever grateful that he asked me to spend the rest of eternity with him.


Mike and Kira said...

Looks like you had a great time! Happy 10 years!

Teah said...

I love Anniversary Inn. That's where we spent the first night of our honeymoon. It was wonderful. We stayed in the Amazon room. It was so cool because the water for the tub came out of the frogs tongues(they were little tubes) I wish we could go back for our tenth anniversary this year. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Elizabeth and Brian said...

wow- looks like it was a blast. How very romantic!

Alan and Abby said...

That ring is such a great idea! I think I'll steal your idea :o)