Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowflake Kits

Here are some of my newest kits from the Idea Closet.

True to my nature, I decided to swap out the paper for some out of my own supply. This time I also lightly brushed the letters with some blue ink. The snow flakes were purple to match the paper set the kit came with, but I was able to ink them blue too so I could use them. 
 Then I got this snowflake tree. I had some confusion on what it would actually be. Tracy mentioned that fabric is the big thing this year, so I thought the tree would be made out of ribbon. I was a little surprised to find the kit full of paper. It was a little bit of work to make the snowflakes, but in the end I loved how it turned out. I also used Jessica spray glitter to give it some shine. 

I have two Valentine's kits I'm working on right now. The paper I want to use will hopefully be here early next week so I can finish them. But until then I was able to get my hearts put together. If I had know they required sewing, I might have not gotten them. All the sewing was done with just a needle and thread and I really didn't mind that. I love how cute they are and I can't wait to finish the project along with the other Valentine's kit I have. 


Ron and Jessica said...

Sometimes I wish I were crafty :)

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

I love your snowflake tree! Way cute.
Did you order this new snow? lol
looking forward to seeing your valentines kits done.
Thanks for accepting the challenge!
also, thanks for the kind complement!