Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Craft

Last week I saw this cute idea on Dating Divas for a Valentine Gift. Click HERE to see the tutorial and the free printables. Each day has a slip of paper with something I love about my husband. I came up with more then 24 things, so some spots have two. I was going to put a Hershey Kiss in each one, but I was afraid it would fall out since this hangs on the wall. I gave it to Josh this morning and he said he loves it. He's going to open one a day. I also got him a bag of chocolates, but they are half gone. 

 Last week I bought this sign because I love it so much. I have always loved Josh with all my heart, but over the last year that love has become even stronger and greater. What a perfect way to express our love.

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Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

HI Savannah!
Happy Valentines day to you!
I LOVE your heart day craft. It would work for an anniversary too.
I liked Kim's 12 days of valentines that she did for "b" as well. I LOVE your "i love us" from BES. I have a yen to have one myself. Love does grow so much stronger over the years huh.