Saturday, July 30, 2011


About two weeks ago, it was a dead day at work, and I was bored. I decided to get online and see if a horse Josh was watching was still listed on KSL Classifieds. It was gone, but then I saw a Palomino and it was in Roosevelt. I called Josh right then and let him know about it. I then continued to pester him until he called the guy and asked about her.

We've been looking for a horse for me for almost 2 years now. We've found a few we almost bought, but in the end it didn't work out. I wanted a younger, but yet at the same time older, Palomino that was short. Josh wanted something tame and hopefully not anywhere where we would have to drive on the interstate to pick it up. 

We had finally found a horse we could agree on. :)

Last weekend we talked to the guy to see if we could look at her on Friday night. He told us that his family had taken her in the mountains. Then later that night he called to tell us that it ended up just being a day ride and she was home now. Unfortunately, he wasn't. But he told us it would still be ok for us to go ride her on Saturday to see if we liked her. Also on Friday night I texted back with a friend who had been on that same horse ride. She went on and on about what a wonderful horse she was. I was pretty hopeful at that point. 

So Saturday morning we went down. And fell in love. I think she was meant to be my horse. Because the owner wasn't home, we couldn't pay for her and get her papers. We had to wait an ENTIRE week!

As soon as Josh got home yesterday, I started to pester him. He did convince me to wait a little bit until it was cooler. (I kind of miss winter. I HATE all this heat.) Last night we went and picked up my horse. When we went to turn her in with the other horses, we couldn't find them. We didn't want to walk the entire field/draw, so Josh jumped on her bareback and went and found them. 

Her registered name is Pegasus and the previous owner was calling her Peggy. I don't like pets to have human type names, so we are calling her Sugar. 

Lewis came out to say hello while we saddled the horses. I think he loves the farm life. 

Yay, I finally have a horse for my saddle. :) I've rode my saddle a few times. The stir ups were WAY TOO LONG. So Josh took it in and had them punch new holes. That made it much better for my short legs. Sugar is a little taller then I wanted, I have to find a rock to stand on so I can reach the stir up to get on. But she was too perfect in any other way to let her height bother me too much.


KT said...

Sugar is beautiful! (...and I am getting tired of this dreaded heat too!)

Jessica said...

I'm glad Lewis came to say hello! Congrats on the new horse. :)