Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Crazy Quilt Club

Last week was my communities celebration days, Longhorn Days. They do a rodeo, parade, BBQ, among other fun things. Josh is almost always working, so I actually rarely go to any of the festivities. But this year Kim was in the play, so I HAD to go. Josh was away for work and Andrew had school, so Jessica and I went together to support Kim.

It started with a pre show of a few mini skits. They were cute and a few people in the newest craft group I joined last month were in it, so it was cool to watch them.

A few years ago, Altamont raised money and was able to build an outdoor amphitheater. They are proud of it, and I can see why. It was very nice. Here is a picture of the scene before the play started.

The cast was small, but must have been not quite small enough. One of the old ladies was actually played by a man. He did a very good job and I'm sure was a good sport about having to wear a dress. The play is about a quilt club and murders that keep happening. His character was one of the first ones to die. I thought it was neat when he came out to the audience to watch the rest of the show, and he was still in his full costume.

The star of the show! Well, at least in my opinion. Kim did an amazing job! I can't remember for sure, but I think she said she found all of her costume at the DI, including the cute little bag.

Her character is known to think she is dying every Thursday. She was hysterical.

I don't personally know the women who played the part of the old lady in the purple top with a pearl necklace, but she was fun to watch. I thought she played her character very well. I also know Ann, who is the doctor in the white coat. She did a good job too. Ok, everyone did a good job.

This black tarp is was their "curtain." Each time they needed to hide the stage, some guys would pick up the poles and raise the tarp. What a great idea!

It turned out Kim's character was the murderer! I had no idea! No wonder she worked so hard on this play.

The cast. Thanks for an amazing play.

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