Friday, July 15, 2011

July Swap Group

Because I seem to have nothing better to do, I joined another craft group. :) Jessica and Kim have been in for a few years and finally convinced to me join. I'm a little different then everyone else, but I still love it. Everyone in the group is big into Prim decorations. I think their cute, but I seem to like more color in my decorations. 

This month, group was at Lewaina's home. We made little stars and then also printed sayings on fabric to put on the stars. Everyone went with an American theme with sayings like "We the people" and "Freedom", etc. They were cute, but I knew a cowboy theme would fit much better in my home. I had some fabric left over from the scarf I made last winter, so I took it and then came up with my own cowboy sayings. 

The not so cool part was, I had to sew. I still hate sewing. I tried to pay someone to do it for me, but had no takers. I even had to unpick one star, so its like I sewed three stars instead of two. 

The cool part, was how we stuffed them. We used cat tails. As in the plant, cat tails. Jessica was nice enough to pick extra since I didn't have time to find and pick any. Its kind of messy, so you have to stuff the star in a bag, but it turned out pretty cool. 

One of the gals in the group found these old springs we could use to display our stars. What a cool idea!

At swap group, they also have a drawing for a door prize. Lewaina put it together this month. I was pretty excited to win at my first group. :) She made a cute Freedom Stitch and included some cute peas to decorate with. I think they will look cute in a clear glass jar next to my garden kits when I put those up next spring. 

Because I won the prize this time, I am in charge of the prize next month. I'm still brainstorming as to what I'll put together. 

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Jessica said...

I love your idea to put your peas next to your Garden Kits next year! I have to confess that I loved the peas and yesterday I found some on clearance at Jubilee so I snatched them right up. ;) Your stars turned out great! I think anything primitive for the giveaway will be perfect. Maybe check online or in the floral clearance bin at Jubilee. :)