Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cars 2

This past weekend we went to the drive inn with Josh's family to watch "Cars 2". Barb & Matt came in their truck, Melanie and her family came in their vehicle and Josh and I came in our truck, with a mattress in the bed. We weren't parked for 10 seconds, and there was 2 little boys in the back jumping up and down. Also note the Cars 2 shirts they are wearing, provided by their loving aunt Savannah.

Once the movie started, Preston settled in right between us and watched the entire movie, while at some times giving his own commentary. Tyler spent time with each of us which kept his mom and uncle Josh busy shuffling him from vehicle to vehicle. But I think we all loved it.

Just as the movie started, I had Melanie take a picture of us with Preston. It turned out so cute! But then I was an idiot and accidentally deleted it later the next day. I am pretty upset with myself.

We all had fun and Preston is now convinced that ours is the best way to watch a movie, so hopefully we'll be able to go again soon and get another picture and have another great night with the family.

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