Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Fishing

Today we all ended up at Sandwash for an unplanned fishing day. It started out with Josh, Dallon, Jeff & Kyle. About the time Jeff & Kyle left, Melanie called to say she was at the lake and find out where they were. Once I knew they were there, I had to be there too. (I had stayed home to clean and possibly babysit for a friend, but when that fell through, I was glad so I could go fishing.)

Most years I am THE fisherman. I catch the 1st fish, the biggest fish and the most fish. But one little boy has stolen my luck. I lost count, but I think Preston ended up catching like 6 fish and they were ALL big. Or as he said, "I caught a big, fast fish!"

The first fish, his bait hadn't been in the water for a minute. Josh had told him to watch it and if it moved to yell at him. Just as I said "I think he has a fish" Preston yelled "Its moving!" For the most part, Preston reeled it in himself, but the fish was pretty big so towards the end his uncle Dallon helped him. 

 Such proud fisherman!

Another big fish on Preston's pole. 

Tyler didn't care for the fish. Maybe next year I can help him catch his first fish. But he still had lots of fun playing in the dirt. 

Bringing in the 2nd fish, but before Josh could get to him, he broke off. Unfortunately he went belly up and floated across the lake.

Bringing in the 3rd fish.

The 4th fish, we'll never know how big he was. What we do know is that Dallon must love his nephew because he dove in and tried to save the fishing pole. It all happened so fast. We were all visiting and next thing we know Preston's blue pole is skimming across the water, very quickly. It was one of those moments that was over before we knew what was happening. This week, Josh will be buying Preston a new blue pole. Preston took it all pretty good. He just kept telling us to go out and get his pole. Even Tyler gave Dallon a push and told him to go get it. 

Dallon dove in after taking off only his boots and getting his cell out of his pocket. Josh didn't want to get soaking wet and stopped to take some clothes off. 

 We kept an eye on that 2nd fish that floated away. We thought he finally washed up on the other shore, so Dallon went over to look. The fish was stuck in a bush under water and Dallon wasn't able to get him. 

Tyler hanging out with his uncle. 

This little boy LOVES dirt. Loves to play in it. Loves to eat it. Loves to drop it in the water. 

I missed the last fish Preston caught. (Stupid gallbladder! You are toast as of Monday!) In the end they kept 3 of the fish. 

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Anonymous said...

Savannah, Josh and Dallon too, you guys are awesome, that's what being an aunt and uncle is all about. Thanks for posting Savannah, I love your action photos. You rock! steve