Saturday, July 17, 2010

A not so hairy situation

Josh has wanted to shave his head for years. Ever since September 2004. That month, after 9 long moths of hard work, Josh graduated from the POST Police Academy. The morning of his graduation I gave him a hair cut. We went to his moms so I could use her clippers. I had his hair all cut, but at the last minute I thought I had missed a spot. So I picked the razor up and ran over that spot. I didn't remember that I had taken the length guard off. He had a reverse Mohawk up the left side of his head.

That was one of those moments where I realized what an amazing man I married. I was in TEARS! How could I do that hours before his graduation ceremony?! He had a few laughs, calmed me down, and told me to get the rest of it shaved off. He looked like a giant q-tip.

As with all bad haircuts, his hair grew back in a few weeks. But ever since then, he has begged me to just let him shave it. There is no denying it, he is slowly going bald. Each year his hairline recedes a little more. But with each haircut I begged him to let me enjoy his hair while he had it.

Last Friday I gave him a haircut. The front sides have been getting thinner and thinner. But this time there was no denying that there was an almost bald spot in the back. There was a little hair still, but not much. I really thought he would have hair until he was 30. I had planned to give up the fight then.

I finished the haircut I started because I was not willing to use the Bic to get a closer shave. He has to do that himself. So I had all week to prepare for this. Thursday night he came home with his new electric razor and we finished buzzing his head clean of hair. I will admit, I haven't hated it as much as I thought I would. I know he didn't do this sooner because of me. What can I say, that man really loves me and does all he can to keep me happy.

Here he is in his baldness glory.
You know what they say about bald men? God only made a few perfect people. He put hair on the rest.

Or course, no post these days is complete without a picture of these cuties. :)


bookladydavina said...

lol he doesn't look that bad. I've been shaving my hubby's hair down for a while.. between the military and his job making him wear hard hats all the time, and a reoccuring issue with severe dandruff, it's just easier to keep it really, really short. He looks better with a bit of hair, but fortunately, he's gone for 3 weeks at a time then home for 3, so I can shave his head before he leaves and when he comes back, he's got some hair for a few weeks.. :) you'll get use to it pretty quick.. or buy him a hat :)

KT said...

He looks great...and the kittens to too :)

Jessica said...

I'm not ready for totally bald yet. Cute, cute kitties!

Beth said...

Brian was so inspired he shaved it all off too. It's weird when his facial hair is longer then the hair on his head. But I love how rubbing my hand on it.