Saturday, July 24, 2010

Close to My Heart July Pages

Once a month I go to a Close To My Heart scrapbook group run by Janel Brinkerhoff. She designs the pages herself and then cuts out all the pieces for us. They always turn out so cute, and Janel gets all the credit for that. When we get together we put them together. The only creative part on my end is what colors of buttons I choose and where I put them. I love the Close to My Heart products and I love going to scrapbook group each month.

I'm supposed to take my pages to work so some of the gals I work with can see them, but I always forget to. So I thought I would start blogging them each month so they can see what we made and others who follow this blog can get some layout ideas for when they scrapbook.

I must admit that most of my pages never get past this stage. I need to buckle down and get some pictures taken and then get them added to my many pages. Maybe when my house in back in order, when I finish painting, I'll try to post some of the others pages we've made.
If you want to buy Close To My Heart products, Janel has a website HERE.


Jessica said...

I'm surprised you haven't blogged about this before! Very cute pages although I have to admit I would be the same as you in never actually getting pictures put on the pages. ;)

Angie said...

Those layouts are sooo cute! I love close to my heart stuff they have the cutest packets available! makes me want to look at a catalog right now :)
oh and I have to say I LOVE your haircut, it's soo cute and very flattering on you :)