Thursday, April 25, 2013

Josh's Trapping Season 2012-2013

It looks like Josh has found a way to fulfill his passion of the outdoors during the winter months.
 Or a way to keep busy between hunting season and fishing season.
 Either way, both statements are true.
This winter, Josh got bit by the trapping bug. He learned to trap several new animals. He is so excited to break out of the norm "cat & dog" (coyotes and bobcats) trapping, and venture into other animals, like raccoon, muskrat, beaver, and mink.

This year, he decided to tan a fox and the below beaver. Not sure what we will do with them, but he was so proud, he had to keep a few for himself.

 The two next pictures are from his phone, so they might be a little fuzzy. Both pictures are of mink. Unfortunately, their season was over by the time he found them. But he's excited to try them next year.

This year, the final tally was:
10 beaver
8 raccoons
5-9 muskrats (short story there, a coyote ate 4 of them while they were still in the trap)
2 fox
5 coyotes

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