Monday, April 1, 2013


At the end of May, one of the employees in the billing department will be retiring.
This started, what I have come to call, the water fall effect.
In the past, when there has been a job opening, I have always hoped that eventually, it would trickle down to me.
But this time, it rushed.
When Allen gave his notice of retirement, they posted his job in house so they could get the next person trained. JoLynn got that job.
Then they posted JoLynn's job, along with a newly created position for an additional billing clerk. The new billing clerk would take up the back corner of my current office.
I, along with 2 others, applied for the above jobs. Interviews were held on a Thursday and we were told they would let us know in a day or two who got what job.
We were all hopeful we would know before the weekend. But no announcement was made.
I tried to not think about it all weekend, but I realized, if Ilene got JoLynn's job, that would make her job available. (She is currently a billing clerk.) And that was the billing clerk position I wanted. They are both the same position, but I want my own office.
Of course, my supervisor had already figured that out. We had to wait the extra day because she had to get special permission to just let the other 2 who applied for the billing clerk positions to be hired immediately. This would make it so they wouldn't have to list Ilene's job and do interviews, again.
So Monday morning, we were all in for a shock.
Ilene got JoLynn's job.
I got Ilene's job.
Richelle got the new billing clerk job.
This left my position, on the front desk, and Richelle's position, as a telephone receptionist open.
We had kind of pictured all these changes meaning that Richelle would get my job and then our part time gal, KayCee, would get Richelle's job.
But since both our jobs were open, they let KayCee take over my job, and asked the part time girl in Altamont if she wanted to go full time.
Needless to say, work has felt insane lately. We all need to train the new person in our position, but at the same time, we all need new training ourselves.
It also means, I will get a new office when this is all done. I'm very excited about that. But I probably won't get to move into it until the 1st person retires. So until then, it will feel like we are working on top of each other. Already, I am planning how to decorate my office. Some people have a flower theme, beach theme, horse theme, etc. When I picture my office, I picture lots and lots of nephew pictures. ;)
I started training KayCee last week to take over as the front desk receptionist. Its been a lot of information to hand down, but she is catching on fast.
Today, I got to have my first training in my new job. I think the game plan is, in the mornings, we train our new person. Then in the afternoon, we switch gears and go learn on our new job.
Like I said, its been insane. But a good insane.
And if you think about it, its not done yet because we have another billing clerk retiring this summer.


Jessica said...

Congrats! I know you've been wanting to move on and up for a long time. So happy for you!

KT said...

Sounds exciting! I am starting to play the field again. I don't like my supervisor...and there is nowhere to move. While I appreciate the health insurance, I think I need to keep my eyes open for a place with more places to move up the chain.