Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pink Flamingos for Child Abuse Awareness

A few weeks ago, the Family Support Center came into work and asked if they could hang some fliers for their upcoming Child Abuse Campaign. The first poster they hung simply said "The Flamingos Are Coming." They left this up for about a month.
Then last week, they came in to change the poster. The new one had a description that it was Child Abuse Awareness and they were doing something to raise money for the program.
The deal is, you can pay $10 for five flamingos or $20 for ten. You choose the size of your "flock", pay your money, and then tell them where you want the "flock" planted for 24 hours.
I thought it was a great cause, but even more, I thought it was something the boys would enjoy.
So yesterday, I went and paid for my "flock" of 10 flamingos and gave them my mom's address. I think it is set up so you can surprise someone with the flamingos, but since it was for the boys, I warned my mom and sister.
They were in a rush to get to day care this morning, so they didn't see the birds until this afternoon. I told my sister to send my pictures so I could see their faces.
The first two pictures are as they are pulling into the driveway and seeing them for the first time.

The other two pictures are when they got to check them out up close. My sister said they both loved it!

My only worry is there might be a temper tantrum tomorrow when the birds are gone. But that is the great part of being an aunt. I get to deliver the fun and not worry about the bad. ;)
If you live in the Roosevelt area and would like to send a "flock" of flamingos to someone, you can call the Family Support Center at 722-2401.

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Jessica said...

They came and posted the first flyer at TriCounty, but never came back to switch it out so we weren't sure what it meant. How fun!