Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

 Easter morning started with cinnamon rolls shaped like bunnies. The picture I saw online used raisins for eyes and the nose, but I didn't have any, so we used M&M's. It was so fun that they may just have to become a yearly tradition for us.
While breakfast was cooking, we exchanged Easter baskets.

Josh's basket had a chocolate bunny, peeps, chocolate covered peeps, Reese's candies, iTunes card, the 3rd book to the Game of Thorns series and the Hobbit movie. It was also supposed to have a cowboy hat, but when that came in the mail 2 weeks ago, he tried it on and it was too big. So we sent it back, but the new one hasn't arrived yet. 

My basket had Dove dark chocolate eggs, Cadbury Candy Eggs, 3 necklaces, 3 sets of earrings, Amazon gift card (for my Kindle) and the Les Miserables movie. My basket was also missing 2 books I ordered from my favorite author, Marcia Lynn McClure, "Midnight Masquerade" and "The Pirate Ruse."
Earlier in the week, Josh found a turkey we had in our freezer and decided Easter would be the perfect time to cook it. So in the afternoon, we started our own dinner. While the turkey was cooking, we went to visit with his family so we could give Preston &Tyler their gift. They seemed to love it, maybe that's because it didn't have any clothes. ;) 

When we got home, we finished getting our Easter dinner ready. We had turkey, twice baked potatoes, cornbread casserole, deviled eggs and raspberry Lemonade. It was all delish!

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Jessica said...

Your bunny cinnamon rolls looks so cute and yummy! Looks like you both were spoiled by the Easter Bunny. :)