Saturday, March 30, 2013

First fishing trip 2013

After getting home from the egg hunts, I told Josh the weather was beautiful and we should go ride our horses. He thought about it for a minute, suggested fishing. So then I suggested somewhere close, like Sandwash or Starvation. But he had his heart set on Pelican Lake. So we loaded the float tubes and headed that way.
 I've never taken my camera out on the lake with me, but now that I have an iPhone, I decided to try it. It rode out in my bra and did just fine.
It was still a little on the cold side, but overall, a lot of fun. That lake is always so peaceful so its one of our favorite places to go. The down side is, getting through all the reeds.
We had to wade through these TWICE, in our float tube, with flippers on. By the time you get through, you almost don't have enough energy to fish.
But like I said, its such a peaceful place, so it only takes a minute to get into the relaxation of fishing.
We ended up catching only 1 fish, caught by yours truly. (I always out fish the hubs.)
Even though I caught it, Josh was still kind enough to unhook it for me. 

We didn't stay as long as normal because the fishing wasn't great, it was a little on the cold side, and Josh discovered he had a hole in his waders, based on the fact they were very slowly filling with water. Another funny thing, when I put on my waders, they were WAY to big. That's because Josh had put mine on. Also, he had been using them ALL winter to trap beaver. No wonder they had been so tight. 

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