Friday, March 29, 2013

Nephew's Easter Baskets

Because I love any excuse to spoil my nephews, I decided to do an Easter gift for them again this year. This year, I decided to do a wagon as the basket we would give to the nephews. It is filled with all sorts of toys and goodies. Each basket as a few things for each boy and then the rest is stuff they can share.
Each wagon contains:
A ball
Sippy cup for each boy
Spiderman that contains $2.50 (two gold $1 coins and one .50 cent coin) for each boy
Sidewalk chalk
Bath toy ducks
2 Playdough eggs
6 eggs filled with stickers
Misc. eggs filled with candy
Toy cars (for Valex & Daxsen)
Neft football toy (for Preston & Tyler)
For Valex & Dasxsen:

For Preston & Tyler:

Love those four special boys of mine!

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Jessica said...

Those wagons are adorable. They'll love them...and everything inside!