Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning, I headed to Roosevelt to go Easter Egg hunting with Vanessa, my mom and the boys. We were able to get a lot of fun crammed into just a few hours.

First, we started at the Neola Park. The wait was excruciating  for little children and their parents.
We decided that grandma would help Valex, I would help Daxsen and Vanessa would be the photographer. 

Some of the eggs had a note in it if you won a prize. Daxsen only picked up 3 eggs, one of which had a prize for a bucket and sand shovel. Valex got a few more eggs and prizes, including a free ice cream from the store. He loved it!
After the park, we headed to Stewart's Grocery. They had another egg hung going and the Easter bunny was there. I did some grocery shopping while the others waited in line for the Easter Bunny. By the time I finished, the line had barely crawled. We knew the bunny was also at the other grocery store, and since they didn't have something as big planned, hopefully the line was shorter.
So we headed outside for the egg hunt. Again, the wait was excruciating! Its so hard to wait when there is eggs and candy a mere foot away. 
This time, I manned the camera so Vanessa could gather eggs with Daxsen. 

Then we headed to Davis Jubilee Grocery to see the Easter Bunny. Their line was much, MUCH shorter.
While waiting in line, we helped decorate a cupcake. 

As you can see, they were delish! Vanessa had to run out to the car and grab baby wipes to clean them up before sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap. And we shared the wipes with a few other kids. Next time, we'll get the cupcakes afterwards. 

After all the excitement, we headed home. Aunt Savannah gave them her gift and they played with it for a few minutes before nap time. They were both already on a sugar high, so I immediately put their eggs with candy away so mom can recycle them for tomorrow morning.

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Jessica said...

The one with the boys standing together at Jubilee eating their cupcakes and looking at each other is the cutest pic!