Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Dinner

On Wednesday, we decided to throw together a dinner for St. Patrick's Day. We invited both of Josh's siblings and their spouses, but only Dallon & Natalie could come.  
We had corned beef, cabbage, baked potato bar and a rainbow fruit tray. I asked Dallon & Natalie to bring dessert. They brought the stuff to make Skookies. Usually, I stress a LOT when we do dinner parties, so I was surprised when I found a way to go to Vernal with my family in the morning. This was the least stressed I have ever been, which was nice.

I also made us each a rainbow with gold (aka, Skittles and Rollo's).
After dinner, we played an intense game of Mario Party. Dallon & Natalie held the lead for most of the game, but in the end, we made a come back and won. I hope they won't hold it against us and will come again soon. ;)

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Jessica said...

Look like a fun and delicious St. Patrick's Day!